Vintage Ethnic Earrings Set

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These vintage ethnic earrings set is sure to amp up any look. Featuring a myriad of attractive designs, team these with your outfit of the day to complete the look. Stunning! 😍

6 pairs set-27556 pairs set-27566 pairs set-27576 pairs set-27586 pairs set-27596 pairs set-27606 pairs set-27616 pairs set-27626 pairs set-27636 pairs set-27646 pairs set-27656 pairs set-27666 pairs set-27676 pairs set-27686 pairs set-27696 pairs set-27706 pairs set-27716 pairs set-27726 pairs set-27736 pairs set-27746 pairs set-27756 pairs set-27766 pairs set-27776 pairs set-27786 pairs set-27796 pairs set-27806 pairs set-27816 pairs set-27826 pairs set-27836 pairs set-27846 pairs set-27856 pairs set-27866 pairs set-27876 pairs set-27886 pairs set-27896 pairs set-2790
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