Bohemian Tassel Earrings Sets

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Stunner, get these bang on Bohemian Tassel Earrings Set featuring tassel and beaded detailing. Available in multi colors and design to satisfy your every day stunner look that you are seeking 😍

Tassel set-1Tassel set-10Tassel set-11Tassel set-12Tassel set-13Tassel set-14Tassel set-15Tassel set-16Tassel set-17Tassel set-18Tassel set-19Tassel set-2Tassel set-20Tassel set-21Tassel set-22Tassel set-23Tassel set-24Tassel set-25Tassel set-26Tassel set-27Tassel set-28Tassel set-29Tassel set-3Tassel set-30Tassel set-31Tassel set-32Tassel set-33Tassel set-34Tassel set-35Tassel set-36Tassel set-37Tassel set-39Tassel set-4Tassel set-40Tassel set-41Tassel set-42Tassel set-5Tassel set-7Tassel set-8Tassel set-9
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