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Are you a working mom or a corporate executive? Ever wondered how to keep fit in a world where commuting and business schedule is eating up most of your time?

Staying fit in today’s bustling city life could be close to mission impossible. We need to equip ourselves with the discipline to prioritize our fitness beside daily chores and work schedule. I know many might say that it is easier said than done. I will share with you a simple daily routine that worked for me: I am an early bird. I wake up around 05:30 a.m. In bed, I do my breathing meditation to enhance and charge my creativity for the rest of the day. Then I get up and go for a simple 20 to 30 minutes walk or run around my residence. That gives energy and sense of achievement from the start of the day.

Stunners Club
Stunners Club

Physical exercise definitely releases endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killer and mood elevator. For more information on endorphins please check this article  by I use my Stunner Fitness Tracker Smart Watch to keep a track of my daily steps, sleep quality, heart rate (to adjust my workout pace), my health vitals to ensure my bodily functions are within healthy rates. 


Stunners Club
Stunners Club

Whenever I go to work, I ensure that every 3 hours I get up from my desk and do simple 20 lunges or 20 jumping jacks to get the blood flowing back to my organs from my sedentary office position. These are some of the simple fitness hacks that would benefit our bodies if we make a habit of it (remember, it takes 28 to 30 days to build a habit). You just need the discipline to stick to this routine even if you need to set reminders for it. You will then start seeing a difference in your mood, health and fitness level. You could also change the daily workout in the office to include set ups, push ups, Russian twists and even plank hold. For more variations in office workouts, watch this video.

Bear in mind that stretching is key for the body to open up and the shoulders to straighten in addition to improving your back posture when sitting or standing. You could also use the assistance of the Back Posture corrector device to help you achieve that stunning posture you are looking for.

Your energy will be contagious in the office space and you will inspire colleagues to adopt healthy habits in the work space .

An important integral part in your fitness journey would be your food intake. I notice a lot of business professional do stack their office drawers with biscuits and candies and the argument would be that they are the digestive part!!! Did you know that most of the time our bodies translate dehydration with feelings of hunger? Have you ever drunk water when you were feeling hungry and then you realize you have forgotten your hunger? Staying hydrated even when you are not thirsty will regulates your insulin and curb your hunger bangs. It reduces unnecessary food intake and gear the body towards real nourishment and healthy food. Also remember that when you do not see snacks, you stop craving for them (out of sight, out of mind). Always make your own food and take it with you. Trust me, it is better for your body and pocket also👛😂


Stunners Club
Stunners Club

Stunners Club recommends that you prioritize and apply TLC to yourself first to be able to look after everyone else around you. We want you to be a happy jolly stunner who radiates energy and not to feel burnt out. Remember: Be different, Be a Stunner! 💕💕💕

Loads of blessings 🙌🙏

Rania from Stunners Club

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