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Dear Stunner,

Since Covid-19 hit our darling world, we were all affected because of the lock down. It did play a lot in our minds as many are living alone in a city far away from family and friends. I am a 100% social stunner; the type of person who is always on the go and hardly stays at home . 

This lock down taught me how to make peace with myself and learn to pace it down a little. I believe  a lot of us had their A-HA moment or moments of rethinking your priorities and life decisions. For me, it is family that matters and for some it could be careers, exploring new horizons and directions in life .

Stunners Club

Aside from the psychological growth and contemplation, we had to deal with financial losses, job losses in the form of redundancies all around us. It was saddening to see many shops and restaurants closing permanently and their sign boards being removed for closure. I must admit that I experienced anxiety at an unprecedented level. Job stability became something of the past. Corona definitely defined our world. It alienated and impoverished many also. I went through fear of the future and anxiety of the unknown. This has led me to experience lack of sleep and my brain was pacing at a different level. What kept me grounded was the daily chats with family and friends. Kudos to the live webinar technology that kept us connected and also online courses on self development that gave me space to see and communicate with my fellow beings in addition to sharing my feelings.

I also realized after lock down that I have finally mastered cat language 🤣🤣🤣🤣 as I had 7 cats and rescued two kittens on May which brought the number to 9 friendly felines. LOL

Stunners Club

I have also learned about GAIA which is the Netflix of spirituality and I incorporated a daily breathing meditation routine that made me listen to my soul and dive deep within myself. Every stunner needs moments of utter silence to listen to her soul. A very wise woman once told me: YOU GOTTA FEEL IT TO HEEL IT.🙌🙌🙌🙏

I also came across a very fashionable piece of accessory that made a big difference in my body energy and balance with is the magnetic Bio Therapy Copper Bracelet. It helped me reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, reduce body pain and imbalance. It is a stunning trendy bracelet that I wear wherever I go even during bedtime at night. I am a true believer of the magnetic copper therapy that I  included it in your Stunners Club store.

Stunners Club
Titanium Magnetic Therapy Bracelet
Magnetic Hematite Energy Bracelet

So my dear stunner, let us know how did you manage to fare during this trialing lock down? It is not over yet and we would like you to share your techniques and learning outcomes of this pandemic so we all could benefit and interact together in this exclusive club. 

Lastly, remember you are not alone. We are in this together.


Rania from Stunners Club 💖🌟



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